HI 3817
Set de teste pentru calitatea apei

Monitor the most important chemical parameters in water: alkalinity, chloride, hardness, iron, pH and sulfite with this combination test kit.
pH measurements are performed with our electronic pH tester, pHep, which guarantees more accurate and repeatable readings than litmus paper.
The chemical reagents to perform each test are provided in numerically coded bottles and are easy to identify. The kit is supplied with a convenient hard carrying case, designed with field applications in mind, will keep your test kit neat and organized.
All titration reagents are standardized, and do not require chemical handling to perform the analysis.

Dimensiuni   440 x 330 x 100 mm
Greutate   2.1 kg

Specificaţii chimice:

Parametru Metoda Domeniu Increment minim Metoda chimică Număr de teste
Alcalinitate Titrare 0-100 mg/l
0-300 mg/l
1 mg/l
3 mg/l
Albastru de bromfenol
circa 110
Clorură Titrare 0-100 mg/l
0-1000 mg/l
1 mg/l
10 mg/l
Nitrat mercuric circa 110
Duritate Titrare 0.0-30.0 mg/l
0-300 mg/l
0.3 mg/l
3 mg/l
EDTA circa 100
Fier Colorimetrică 0-5 mg/l 1 mg/l Fenantrolină circa 100
pH Tester
 electronic de pH
0.0-14.0 pH 0.1 pH N/A durata de viaţă a instrumentului
Sulfit Titrare 0.0-20.0 mg/l
0- 00mg/l
0.2 mg/l
2 mg/l
Iodometrică circa 110
HI 3817 este dotat cu toate accesoriile şi reactivii necesari pentru efectuarea a peste 100 de teste pentru fiecare parametru, cu excepţia fierului, pentru care sunt incluşi reactivi pentru 50 de teste, tester electronic de pH, geantă robustă pentru transport şi manual de instrucţiuni.