Termometre cu termocuplu de tip K, impermeabile, cu două intrări

HI 93532
Termometre cu termocuplu de tip K, impermeabile, cu două intrări

Engineering tests often require two samples to be measured simultaneously. For this reason, HI 93532 has two built-in K-type probe connectors. This advanced meter has a dual-level LCD that shows the current reading along with the high and low temperatures in either channel. You can also see the difference between the two channels simultaneously with the high and low of the difference. Any reading can be frozen on the display for easy recording with the HOLD button.

HI 93532 reads with a resolution of 0.1°C in the range of -149.9 to 999.9°C, once only possible in sophisticated research labs.

For even greater accuracy, the HI 93532N offers all the features of the HI 93532 plus a CAL button allowing simple calibration of the meter and probe with an ice bath at 0°C. HI 93532N also features a backlight for low light conditions.

In addition, the HI 93532R model allows users to send the displayed measurements to a PC or printer through RS232 serial port (once every 2 seconds).

K-type thermocouple probes should be ordered separately to meet your specific application.

Domeniu -200.0 la 999.9°C; 1000 la 1371°C;
-328.0 la 999.9°F; 1000 la 2500°F
Rezoluţie 0.1°C (-149.9 la 999.9°C); 0.2°C (-200.0 la -150.0°C); 1°C (în afară);
0.1°F (-24.9 la 999.9°F); 0.2°F (-249.9 la -25.0°F); 0.3°F (-328.0 la 250.0°F); 1°F (în afară)
Acurateţe ±0.5°C (-100.0 la 999.9°C); ±1°C (în afară);
±1°F (-148.0 la 999.9°F); ±1.5° (în afară);
(timp de 1 an, excluzând eroarea sondei)
Sondă termocuplu tip K, seria HI 766 (neinclusă)
Tip baterie / Durată 3 x 1.5V AA / circa 500 ore de utilizare continuă (fără iluminare);
închidere automată după 60 minute de inactivitate (posibilitate de dezactivare)
Condiţii de mediu -10 la 50°C; UR max. 100%
Dimensiuni 150 x 80 x 36 mm
Greutate 235 g
HI 93532 este livrat cu baterii, cutie şi instrucţiuni de utilizare.